Social Media

Social media is tremendous.  A recent Pew Research Center study showed that 65% of adults on the Internet use a social networking site.  So, this needs to be your first step to establishing a presence.  But, where do you start?  What is the first site to start with that will let your customers find you?  Twitter is not the best place for all businesses.  Are there sites that are less effective depending on the type of business?  Yes.  If you are a bakery or some other type of business that is more visually focused, Instagram is a better place to start.  Does posting need to happen every day?  No, the key is to create a schedule and stick to it; be consistent with your posting.  It doesn’t matter whether it’s once a week or once a month, it needs to mirror your business’ pace of change. 

How does content stay fresh?  These questions and more are addressed with the comprehensive social media marketing plan we create with you.  A marketing plan details strategies that will increase your online visibility and lead to more sales.  After answering a series of questions and talking with you about your business growth goals, Stronger Technology will create a personalized social media plan that lets your customers find you.